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  • DroneBot Workshop - Clear tutorials on electronics and hobby robotics.
  • HomoFaciens - Noncommercial German site with a lot of tutorials on technology and electronics. Also check out "The Project" to see the motivation.
  • Microchip Technology, Inc. - "Self-Paced Training" modules cover some generic technology in addition to their specific products (e.g. C programming language, TP/IP, operational amplifiers).
  • NewbieHack Tutorials - Useful tutorials on a commerical site.


  • Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control - College-level textbook.
  • A Gentle Introduction to ROS - Online book covering ROS (Robot Operating System) with examples in C++.
  • HumbleBundle.com - You can sign up for their newsletter to receive periodic notices of time-limited (and cheap) downloadable book (and game) "bundle" offers, each bundle relating to a particular subject. Past bundles include Robotics, Arduino, Artificial Intelligence, and various maker subjects. You can download e-books in bundles you have ordered or access them via your library page on the Humble Bundle site.

Online Courses

On sites below, search for "robotics" or other relevant topic.

  • Class Central - Catalog of courses offered by others.
  • Coursera - Last time we checked, you were able to sign up for an individual course for free, but not an entire "specialization" (series of related courses); just select Audit on the course enrollment page.
  • edX - Nonprofit founded by Harvard and MIT. Powered by Open edX, a free open-source platform.
  • Udemy - Less formal courses, offered by individuals for various fees. There are several coirses for learning the Python programming language.

Recommended for ROS learners: "Hello (Real) World with ROS" - ROS edX course from Delft University of Technology (in Delft, Netherlands).

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