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These are some suppliers that members have experience with. Most sites feature tutorials on their products.

National Suppliers

  • Adafruit
  • DFRobot
  • Digi-Key has an enormous amount of electronics parts and development boards.
  • Pololu offers a wide range of motors, and motor drives as well as all sorts of kits and assorted mechanical and electrical parts.
  • RobotGeek specializes in "a platform for learning about and building your own Arduino Inventions."
  • Robot Shop sells robotic components as well as robotic household appliances.
  • ServoCity (besides servos) has metal channel, connection hardware, and linear actuators.
  • SparkFun

Local Suppliers

Some of these suppliers offer discounts to members of SnoCo Makers; it never hurts to ask!

We need your feedback!

What was your experience with the resources on this page? What others should be listed? Please post your thoughts on our Google group.